A little more OpenAM……10.0

OpenAM 10 Early Release is now available for download and there’s lots of changes and new access capability/features in there:

  • OpenIG – ForgeRock Identity Gateway. A reverse proxy with credential replay to support OpenAM for non-federated web applications.
  • New SAML 2.0 IdP Adapter plug-in that allows additional processing to be performed before releasing the assertion or when some form of user interaction may be required.
  • OAuth 2.0 Client Authentication Module
  • OpenAM .NET Fedlets with support for encrypted assertions
  • Support for adaptive risk authentication
  • Support for multiple RADIUS servers in RADIUS authentication module
  • Distributed Authentication Service (DAS) HTTP Header mapping when forwarding requests
  • Support for LDAP servers that support Behara IETF draft Password Policy for LDAP Directories, e.g. OpenDJ, OpenLDAP
  • Active Directory password expiration response processing (correct)
  • Windows Desktop SSO, kerberos and user profile improvements

Completely selfish of me, I’ve hand-picked the stuff from the Release Notes that I thought particularly interesting or was bugging me in earlier releases Smile

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