IIS 7.5 SSL Bindings and Socket Pooling (

Socket Pooling in IIS, useful for improving SSL performance,  can also be a pain if you’re trying to run multiple SSL-enabled web applications on the same server. I continue to run into this with IIS and Apache Web Server/ Tomcat.  To specify which IP Addresses HTTP.SYS (IIS) should explicitly listen on can be manipulated through NETSH.

show iplisten

This should return blank if you have socket pooling enabled. To add a listener on a given IP use the add iplisten command

add iplisten ipaddress=x.x.x.x

where x.x.x.x is the IPv4 address of your choice. IPv6 is also supported. 

There’s an article on MSDN that highlights this and other commands for manipulating http.sys.



C:\Users\Administrator>netstat -an|find “:443”
  TCP    x.x.x.29:443              LISTENING
  TCP    x.x.x.30:443              LISTENING


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